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Limits and restrictions for outgoing emails


We provide shared hosting services where a mail server is used by many customers.

Excessive use of the email service, i.e. a large amount of emails sent out from a single hosting account, could decrease the quality of the service for other users.

To ensure high quality and fast delivery, we have implemented the following hourly and daily limits for outgoing mail:

  • 150 emails per hour;
  • 1500 emails per 24 hours
  • 50 recipients per message, where each recipient is counted as a separately sent email message (e.g. if you have 50 recipients in a single message, this will count as 50 sent messages);
  • If you are using a mailing list, then the restriction is 1500 emails for 24 hours. There’s no restriction for the amount of emails sent per hour, i.e. you can send an email to a mailing list with up to 1500 recipients without a problem;

If you reach the hourly/daily limit, you will get this error when trying to send further emails:

550 – Stop, you are sending too fast!

You will be able to send emails again, once the hour/day has passed.

What you should know to avoid exceeding your limit:

  1. The above email restrictions are valid for the entire hosting account, and not for a single mailbox. This means, that if one of your mailboxes exceeds the allowed limit, you will not be able to send messages from any of your other email accounts;
  2. If, at any point you receive the afore-mentioned error message, it is highly recommended to stop all attempts to send messages from your mailboxes. If you continue trying, your messages will be left in a mail queue, which will have to clear first, before the server timer can reset and allow you to send e-mails again;
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